THEIA Analytics Group

Quantitative Governance & Regulatory Risk
Analytics with a focus on the “G” of ESG.

G, the key pillar of the ESG framework, lacks the data to complete the ESG narrative.

Governance is no longer just about excellent board oversight, but rather, it’s about the integration of sustainable best practices into your corporate business strategy to help define an outside-in view that allows global stakeholders to understand your company’s value. 

Theia analytics solves the governance data gap with essential tools for assessing Governance strength and helps global stakeholders chart the path to a sustainable future.

  1. The answer to the qualitative governance dilemma is quantitative governance analytics.
  2. The predicate of business performance is good governance.
  3. The predicate for good governance is problem identification and understanding.

Different Industries x Different Companies x Different Material Risks / Regulatory Changes = Quantifiable Opportunities

Strong Governance to a Sustainable Future. Let Theia Analytics guide your path. 

THEIA Analytics Group

A great American, Larry Hama, coined, “Knowing is half the battle!”

  • We help global stakeholders quantitatively define the “G” of ESG to aid problem identification and understanding in ways that support good governance and reify business performance. 
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We are an applied analytics company building proprietary data analytics tools to assist global stakeholders in mitigating regulatory and policy risks to help align strong governance to meet Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) goals.

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Regulatory Risk Audit

Regulatory Risk Audit (RRATM) is our first SaaS product. RRATM can be vertically integrated with all eleven MSCI Dow Jones GICS sectors to provide meaningful insights.

It is a fact that the “G” of ESG will play an ever-increasing role in business. We look at both sides of the “governance – business risk” problem to provide decision-making tools, scoring models, and impact metrics to help align your company’s ESG goals with the marketplace, so your business always remains as competitive as possible.

Our quantitative analytics offerings are rooted in verifiable mathematics and publicly available high-veracity data sets.

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Jeff Hood founded TAGTM in 2017 to illuminate the opaque regulatory crossroads of Wall Street and Washington, D.C., and the global business risks that problem entails.

Jeff’s thirty-year institutional trading and equities research experience in New York City and London covering the most significant hedge funds, mutual funds, and pension funds in the world gives him a unique perspective on what regulatory risks global stakeholders face.

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