Regulatory Risk Audit

Regulatory Risk Audit (RRATM) is our first SaaS product. RRATM can be vertically integrated with all eleven MSCI Dow Jones GICS sectors to provide meaningful insights.

It is a fact that the “G” of ESG will play an ever-increasing role in business. We look at both sides of the “governance – business risk” problem to provide decision-making tools, scoring models, and impact metrics to help align your company’s ESG goals with the marketplace, so your business always remains as competitive as possible.

Our quantitative analytics offerings are rooted in verifiable mathematics and publicly available high-veracity data sets.

Industry – Global Stakeholders

  • What they say versus what they do with regulations.
  • How are they talking about new rules and regulations?
  • How are they applying current laws and regulations?
  • How much money are they spending to address regulations and regulatory concerns?
  • How much money are they spending on political engagement to support or decry regulations affecting them?

 Government – Federal, State, Local

  • Regulations and law creation
  • Regulations, legal guidance, and rulemaking
  • Governmental responses to industry use cases
  • Governmental responses to lawsuits involving industry regulations